Meet A Real Direct Marketing Specialist

My name is Ucheya Clinton ……………………am a Trainer, Making money coach and  Entrepreneur.

I studied Public Health with( certification) and with various certification on marketing entrepreneurship
Commencement of my career , I worked with some major corporations/companies in NIGERIA from a trainee level up to senior managerial status. Some of these corporations are Nigeria Bottling Company Plc.(IT), and General Manager at Marrox Garden Hotels Limited. As the general manager, I became more social than I ever thought I would ever be.

Though academically trained as a health personnel, I discovered where my passion lies- Entrepreneurial

Development, Business Development, Sales and Marketing. In my dissatisfaction with the status quo as a General Manager, I resigned and journeyed into the unknown world of The Entrepreneur. I tried my hands on so many business opportunities – Oil and Gas (High Risk and Capital Intensive), Real Estate (Capital Intensive and Time dependent which I am still in). Eventually,  


I ventured into the world of Network marketing (MLM) in the year 2013/2014. Interestingly,

I discovered that there is no limit to your earnings in Network marketing but the main challenge towards succeeding in Network marketing lies with every individual.

I also discovered that to succeed in any career you have to be professional about it, Network marketing also has to be done professionally. Veering into the Network marketing world, I had stints with some and graciously rose to Leadership status .

#Change of status living my dreams

**I make 900,000 – 1,000,000 in 3month which turns to residual income**

**I drive the latest car of my choice with all other luxuries of life**

**my family get all they need, I have my financial and time freedom**



I know right now that is the question you might be asking yourself, but relax and don’t worry I am going to reveal to you how I was able to do that in such a short period of time. But before I proceed I will like to let you know the challenges of building a home based business like network marketing online.

To mention few all this is achievable if only if you take your time to model what I do to achieve all this.

To the glory of GOD, I am achieving my dreams and that of my family. Last year i took my family out of Nigeria to spend Christmas Holiday  for two weeks and this year we will be going to another tourable country.

I am happy i left the 9 - 5 system ( although mine was 9 - 9 system ) and i am most happy that  I raised up leaders who also now rejected the rat race and joined Multi-Level Marketing. I see Nigeria on the verge of breakthroughs for Entrepreneurs who are daring and would gladly welcome genuine opportunities that are presented before them.  Even when these opportunities are nowhere in sight, they have to be sought after and passionately driven.

My strongest passion is Entrepreneurial Development. I carefully look at how I can work with determined Entrepreneurs, help achieve their dreams and make life better for those I come in contact with. I have a mandate to build and partner with result oriented entrepreneurs who will help deliver Nigeria from the economic holocaust we have found ourselves in.

Today I have the largest team of youths from the Tertiary Institutions, youths who wants to graduate not just with Certificate but financially free. I believe if we must change NIGERIA/WORLD, we have to start from Tertiary Institutions.


Take no chance for delay again……join our team of success stories today!!